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The ASP - IAHSP Convention Review, May 18th - 22nd, 2005

Each year at our Annual ASP - IAHSP Convention we come together as Accredited Staging Professionals from all over the world.  Through quality educational sessions and wonderful networking events our ASP Home Staging Professionals share, learn, and grow to better serve their clients in every community they represent every year.  Below you will read just some of the many reviews of our special Educational Symposium.  You can also see some of the pictures of the 'fun times' we shared as well.  Our Home Staging Convention represents the entire Home Staging Industry at it's very best!  We are here to serve all that live and work in each of our wonderful communities in US and Canada and around the world.  We hope you enjoy reading what is shared below and we are here to help you with any questions you may have about Home Staging!


Some Thoughts About a Little Soiree I Recently Attended
By Martha Murphy, ASP, IAHSP

What happens when you get 200 Home Stagers together in a room? Nobody can move! (Get it?)

I just got back from one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had, Barb, and I wanted to share my experience with you. It was called "Ready, Set, Stage! The Art, Magic & Business of Creative Home Staging".

You and your staff and all of the committees did so much work and it was obvious. The decorations were wonderful, your staff helpful, and the speakers were great! It was so kind of the speakers to share their talents with us. It started with Jennie and her kick-off speech for the IAHSP Foundation. "Brand Yourself!" "A Staged Home appeals to even the pickiest buyer." "Know your stats!" You (and that adorable puppy Stager) kicked off the next day with a bang, sharing tips and inspiration as you so often do ("I am a genius!"). "Bring the outdoors in!" Pebbles and yardsticks and birdcages and ribbon, sticks and stars and rope, and especially a little bit of black and white in every room. Then talk about Bang! Kim Hough - "It's about making people happy, making people money." "This is a competitive market and your competition is staged!" and Calie Waterhouse - "All Houses? Yes - All houses regardless of price, condition, or location. Then there was Shell - "Have you done your Feature Page yet?", and the afternoon zoomed by with more and more!

That night, a great time was had by all (especially Anthony, I think!)

The next day, there was even more! Victoria Hunter (the cat lady) was great fun, had great ideas, and had great before and after photos (oops - that's "Before Staging" and "After Staging" photos!). Then Sheldon - our dear teddy bear, and Jackie - "Am I the extrovert?" "Stop it, Parlin!" Then Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike! We all loved Mike! Oh - and his glue, too. Deco art, a Realtor forum, furniture, and momma Alice. Then more! Jennie on Peak Performance - "The secret of the genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age" and "Stop that 'Stinkin' Thinkin' talking!"; Joey - "Show your passion about what you do!"; Nairn and her beautiful flowers - "Staging isn't decorating, it's marketing." Cindy Loevenich on plants - "Good is not cheap and cheap is not good." Kayt Kennedy on SWSWSWSW - "Some will, some won't, so what? Someone's waiting!" and Wanda - "Getting from Here to WOW!"

WOW! I got to wow, and I don't know how you're going to top it next year, but I'll tell you what...I can't wait!

Thanks again for a great time! It was well worth the investment!


Martha Murphy, ASP Convention


The total amount raised for the IAHSP Foundation at this year's

convention was $23,730.50!!!!
Thanks to everyone for their wonderful support!

Wow! What a wonderful convention we experienced together! It is one of those things that you ‘had' to be there to know how powerful, exciting, and educational our ASP/ASPM IAHSP Convention May 18 – 22nd was! Lights, music, action really set the Stage for all of our events together. From the educational speakers/sessions to the new products and Staging Ideas released, the event is one that will go down in Home Staging History! Those of you who were there know exactly what I am talking about and those of you who were unable to attend will learn what this is all about when you attend next year's Educational Symposium Convention May 17th – 21st. Each year the latest in Home Staging information, new products, forms, ideas, and marketing plans will be released at each ASP Symposium. (I am changing the name of our event to our ‘ASP/ASPM Educational IAHSP Symposium' from this date forward.)

I truly thank all who worked on the convention this year! It did take a village for sure to put it together and to make it happen in such a successful way. Thank you to all of you who took the leadership role in leading a committee and to all of you who served on any and all committees. I thank all of our speakers! Such wonderful information and caring sharing was appreciated by all in attendance as you shared from your hearts and experiences so that all of us could grown and learn more! I thank our Staff at as they really came through for us all and worked so hard in every way possible! Our volunteers also are to be acknowledged and thanked by us all as you were wonderful and served long and hard as well! Our fabulous IAHSP Chapter Presidents helped by spreading the word throughout the US and Canada and I thank you so very much for all that you are doing each and every month as well! And I thank our wonderful ASP Trainers who along with me spread the word throughout courses near and far. Each of you as a trainer made a big, big difference, I know, in who attended and thank you so much for doing all possible to encourage everyone to come!

Mary DeBella you were fabulous and so dedicated to us all in the Staging/Decorating of our convention! Thank you so much. Thank you Karen for leading our entertainment committee. We all had a ball and requests are again coming in to repeat many of the evening activities. Shell you and your committee were so organized and on top of registration… Mona thank you too!

Jennie Norris and Terrylynn Fisher I especially want to thank for being my co-chairwomen this year. Your stellar job of service went beyond the call of duty and I shall be grateful to you for years to come. How blessed and happy I am to have you in my life and to care as you do for the good of all.

This year we released in person the new legal home Staging forms to those present at the convention. They will be soon available in the University for everyone as an ASP/ASPM! Those in attendance though have a head start on using these forms. We introduced the new Home Staging Caddy, which is totally amazing and has been designed just for you/us to use in Staging! There is a place for every tool you use in it and it is on wheels and beautifully made for all of your Home Staging needs. You can see the flyer in the June Newsletter about how to order it now! We have new sun visors for your car to advertise that you are an ASP wherever you park your car this summer and beyond and these 2 tools are just a few of the latest and greatest that we introduced at the convention. There were gifts, treats, and many surprise galore! Oh, we also have new signs for you to post in the yard that say, ‘This Home is being Staged by an ASP!' and they work as the neighbors come running to see what is going on. There were and are many other new tools for you to use in your business, that you will see and learn more about in the near future on our Staging shopping center

Thank you to all of you who attended as without you we could not have our ASP Convention. It simply wouldn't happen. You are making the most difference of all by walking the talk and making the time and dollar investment commitment in yourself and your business which will pay off for you for years to come. The best place always to invest your dollars is in yourself! You see it isn't how much it costs to come and attend, it is what you give up if you do not! As a true ASP/ASPM Home Stager or Realtor this IS the Educational Event of the year for you. There is nothing in the world like it! Who would want to miss out on all the latest in the world of Home Staging by not being at this fabulous event in the future. Mark your calendars now and did you know that the investment of attending, including everything to get there, is less than the average person spends on Starbucks a day? And, this is an investment! So, start saving those pennies NOW and mark your calendar as the best is yet to come! Mary 17th – 21st, 2006 in The Bay area of CA and I will see you there! Our goal this next year, 2006, is 450+ in attendance and our motto is ‘Each one bring one!” More means more in information to learn, more expert knowledge shared, more ASPs to network and build referrals with, more Vendors and National companies to support us in our goal of reaching the public to spread our ASP Message and ASP Designation Recognition, and more Home Staging Ideas and Marketing ideas to use in your market to build your business to lead the way!

Happy Staging Everyday!

Barb Schwarz, ASPM, CSP, ABR, AB, RLS
President and CEO
President and Founder IAHSP International

WOW – What A Convention!!

WOW! That sums up our 2005 IAHSP Convention for me and I hope for all of you too! Words Of Wisdom – Every speaker that we heard had something that you and I can use in our Staging work! I enjoyed meeting so many of you that I've corresponded with via email and phone over the past year – and I just love the enthusiasm and camaraderie that we all share as ASPs.

Now, where do you grow from here? So many ideas were shared and to try and implement them all at once may prove overwhelming so here are my tips for making the most out of your 2005 IAHSP Convention experience.

  1. Do review your entire Convention Binder – lots of information inside including your notes you took at each session. Take the time to review and let things strike you in a different way now that you are at home and focused on your business.
  2. Don't put your binder on a shelf or by your desk and not look at it again!
  3. Do select 5 things you can implement now, and 5 more you will implement 30 days from now. Growth is a process and we need to finish one step before we move on to the next.
  4. Do stay in contact with other ASPs you met at the Convention. The roster at the back of the binder has email addresses, or you can find them online at the SHC site.
  5. Do get your Feature Page done – it's a valuable tool for your business!
  6. Do purchase the CDs and or DVDs when they come out from SHC. Each speaker was taped and/or filmed and for those who missed the Convention, the information was invaluable to our success!
  7. Don't forget to start making plans to come next year – start saving your money to make the investment in our annual Convention. If you take it a little bit at a time, it will be an easy goal to reach.
  8. Do work on your business plan to help map out your success.
  9. Do keep spreading the word in your communities – our goal is to keep educating the Realtor and the Public – and remember: Your ability to effectively convey what you do to your target audience will determine your success!
  10. Do remember this: Keep a balance of productive activity and busy-work – so that you see results and earn income, while you are developing your support materials.

    WOW!! Words Of Wisdom! Wonderful – Outstanding – What a Group!

    Jennie Norris, ASPM

Where can you go to be among a group of passionate women and men who are all strong leaders and have so much fun? I implore you all who read this to once again count yourselves lucky to continue spreading the designation and mission of as we grow! The friendships, the food, the fun!!! Not to mention the sharing of all kinds of fabulous ideas and information! If you were not able to go this year, it would be in your best interest to start saving the date and the dollars now for next year, as there are already plans in the works for bigger and better things to come!

The final evening was absolutely magical as we dined in sparkling stars and candlelight, raised $23,000+ for the new IAHSP Foundation and said our fond farewells until next year! I am excited to see the photos up on the website! I look forward to meeting all of you next year! Until next time, enjoy the sunshine wherever you are and tell everyone you know about ‘STAGING'!!!!!!!!

Shelley Wagner, ASPM, CASPT

Hello fellow Stagers and Friends,

What a fun privilege to able to participate and personally surrounded oneself in a true advantageous learning-networking environment for the sole benefit of gleaming Staging.

The Vendor's fair grouped some strong supporters of Stagers and it is nice to meet face-to-face people we have and will be doing business with, buying product and learning what they have to offer. Hands down to the Speakers, it is truly appreciated the plethora of experience and knowledge offered coupled with the commitment to present a program worthy to be on stage.

The experienced Stagers shared unconditionally throughout the convention their first-hand knowledge and growing success of working ideas topped by guest speakers flown in for our first-hand experience! Mike the Glue-Guy giving out huge samples of different formulas of glue for fabric to glass (curtain hem made easy and my broken shoe) to innovative paints from DecoArt to Stage® our bids and consultations, plus ribbons to dress accents and bids created a gala performance. The convention climaxed with the raising of so much giving funds for the foundation and a banquet set to honor so many of us.

Reflecting on the impact and knowledge, thanks to Barb, Kirk and the Staged staff for the beautiful binders of everything the convention contained in one portable binder. The wonderful forms developed by Barb and approved by the Staging attorney Kelly are monumental now and in the future. As a Certified ASP Trainer, the binder is something that can be referred to immediately and used to show new Stagers in the future one great reason to be psyched for next year…Thank you to all whom participated, what a joyful experience.

Kelly McFrederick, ASPM, CASPT

As ASP Stagers and ASP Realtors we have sometimes used the phrase, “That's incredible!” For us this typically means something we can't describe in any other way. Well, in the case of the 2005 International Association of Home Staging Professionals Convention it was incredible in a wonderfully amazing and powerful way!

Since returning home from our time together there have been many “triggers” reminding me of all the things I saw and learned. The convention provided each of us with new tools, motivation and exciting challenges! The words of the speakers, the demonstrations and the creativity have been finding there way into my staging, my business and my life. It has also been a privilege to hear from those in my chapter and from ASP friends around the country about their convention experiences. While we all learned different things there were also many commonalities. So here are some of the common threads I have been hearing from you…

  • Your Feature Page - If it's not done – get it done! If you do have it completed - go back and review it! Is it current? Does it match your current goals? Does it reflect you and how you do business? The feature page really works – is yours working for you?
  • Statistics - Are you keeping track of your business? How long are the properties you stage® on the market? What is the average for your area? Compiling your own statistics is a powerful marketing tool as well as a great motivator!
  • Craft Ideas -. There were also some great ideas and demonstrations for Krylon Paint, Glasstiques painting and Beacon Adhesives. All of the ideas presented gave each of us new tools to make our jobs easier and transform what is right in front of us!
  • Staging Ideas - Barb reminded us that marketing is important – but your staging work needs to stay fresh and current! Are you going on your research shopping missions? This activity keeps you aware of trends and gives you new ideas. Not only do we need to stay current we also need to make sure our staging is warn inviting and appeals to the widest audience possible.
  • Hire a coach or mentor – Someone to keep you accountable and on track!
  • Business Plan - The task of writing a business plan can be daunting; but we learned how to begin to create a road map for your business! Writing a business plan is an exciting step which takes the vision from your head and heart and gives you a guide to follow as you grow your business. We learned the business plan is a living document which grows and changes as you grow.

    I have attended all three conventions and each year is better than the one before! I so look forward to next years Educational Symposium – for the chance to learn new things and be with old friends!

    Happy Staging!

    Lynelle Hartman, ASPM

Realtors Tell All---
Well --- We had our wonderful IAHSP convention on May 19.20.21 and it was AWESOME – as Barb and I would say

As one of the events, we had a Realtor Forum, which appeared to be a huge hit… We had some exceptional Realtors who told how and why they used Staging in their real estate practices. The stories were varied and ranged from a brand new Realtor, Gaby Diskin of Danville, California, who met a brand new ASP Stager, Kym Hough, in a class last year. Since both were just starting on their new ventures they started going on listing presentations together. Gaby stressed that they are a really good compliment to each other personality-wise. They use each other to bounce things off of and perfect their “Barb scripts” and the client's perception is seamless continuity. Her Real Estate practice and Kym Hough's “Stage to Sell” business are booming…

Then we had the very interesting Virginia and District of Columbia Realtor, Deb Gorham, who was formerly with the DEA and President Clinton's Office of the Council to President. Deb shared what brought her to this place in life, and how she has taken the real estate and Staging pieces and put them together nicely in a very organizational manner, which hugely benefits her clients.

Sandy Humphrey and her Canoga Park, California Team begin their Staging services to their clients at the pre-construction Stages if needed and take it all the way through the contractors and sub-contractors with Sandy overseeing the whole process. Sandy says they are the only Realtors in their area providing this service. Wow! Sandy and I both took Barb's classes in the 1980's, along with thousands of other Realtors from our respective areas and were sharing how amazed we are that there are so few who have really taken “Staging” to their clients. The materials and ideas were there for all and not everyone embraced it (until now of course - it is the “new” thing).

Sherri Sahlstrom of Bellevue, Washington gave us insights into the daily life and times of a Realtor… the hours, the dedication and the added service required and given for the love of the client and the work… and then the wonderful audience asked questions of us all. Questions about what Realtors want, fees, services expected, enhanced services. Before you knew it the time was up and we all were left wanting more time together. So I've requested more time at next year's convention. Maybe we'll have a lunch with a Realtor at every table for ASP Stagers and Realtors to ask the questions on their mind.

Oh, so much more I could tell… more in future columns. Please, please email me with the things you would like discussed and/or questions for future columns related to the Real Estate end of your staging business. I am here to help and want to make the columns beneficial to your work and goals. Thanks for reading! See you out there Staging.

Terrylynn Fisher, ASPM Realtor



The convention was wonderful! I was very impressed by all the information that I gained throughout the days I spent there. Not only did I get many more ideas, but I also got to meet many wonderful Stagers from all over the nation! There was a unique bond between all of us as you can tell by the “Stagers gone wild” photos below!!!!

Again, Thank You for making it worth while for myself and for the rest of us!!!

Melanie Terry, ASP