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"In 1972 Barb Schwarz entered the world of residential real estate as an agent in Bellevue, WA. Prior to real estate Barb had owned her own interior design business. She immediately recognized the challenge that existed for all agents of how to help Sellers prepare their homes for sale without upsetting or offending the owner. Barb started educating her sellers on how to set the scene and how to set the Stage® to get their properties sold for top dollar. She coined the phrase "Staging the home for sale." This was truly the first time the word Staging had been used in the real estate industry and at that time Barb had to explain the meaning of the word over and over to both agents and sellers everywhere.

Now, after teaching over 1,000,000 agents and decorators about Staging all over the United States from 1985 to present time, Barb's term is accepted and understood nationwide and homes that are Staged have an immediate advantage in any market. Barb Schwarz received the Stage® Federally Registered Trademark with the United States government in 1990 and the Canadian Government in 2004. Now, she has developed the "Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP)® Course" for professionals in the industry to earn the ASP® designation. Accredited Staging Professionals® have the training and the skills to effectively Stage® homes for their clients and give them the Staged Home advantage.

You too can become an Accredited Staging Professional.® learn how to become an ASP® click here. The ASP® designation is required to become a member of IAHSP. The IAHSP association encourages education of it's members and earning the ASP designation is one of the major goals of many professionals in our industry. and Barb Schwarz hold the US Federally Registered Trademark on Stage® as it pertains to preparing homes for sale both in the United States and Canada.

Barb created the concept in 1972 and has taught close to 1,000,000 people about the concept in her courses since that time. Unfortunately there are several websites owned by other people that state, incorrectly, that the Stage® Trademark is not valid and that it was abandoned by the US Government.

The US Government has renewed again the Stage® Trademark with and it stands valid as of this day. The government abandoned the applications for Staging, Staged and Stager trademarks as already has the basic service trademark on 'Stage®'.

You can see the current US Federally Registered Trademark on Stage® by clicking the links to the left on the flags of each country, which will take you to the government site where it is shown. Please be advised that the Stage® Trademark is real and active despite what misinformation another website might advertise. It is the only US Federally Registered Trademark on the concept and service in existence today. It covers teaching sellers how to prepare their homes for sale and video instruction as well.



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